Wisdom Blog Contributor Guidelines

1. Mission: The Wisdom Blog exists to disseminate practical wisdom to a modern audience. More bluntly, our goal is to share Ancient Wisdom for a Global Tribe.

We define Wisdom as “actionable ideas that can lead to living a better life,” and strive for all of our content to be meaningful, educational, and entertaining (fun!).

2. Audience: Wisdom Tribe was created for forward thinkers looking to embark on an exploration of life’s most mysterious frontier: the mind. Our readers are intellectual, sophisticated, and open-minded to the applications of ancient wisdom in today's world. Furthermore, they are excited and ready to be a part of a growing global tribe of like-minded seekers.

Blogs should be relevant and relatable to a wide-reaching audience, irrespective of religious affiliation.

3. Relevant Topics:  Posts should relate to how to live better in the modern world, and should have some practical application (rather than just philosophical musings). We love pieces that make ancient/traditional wisdom relevant today. Content does not need to be exclusively Jewish, but we do not feature religious themes from other religions. View our blog for examples of the kinds of articles we publish.

4. Reposting policy: We accept only original (never-before posted) content. After we publish your post, you may link to it from your website using the first couple of sentences and a link to the piece on the Wisdom Blog. Posting the full text on other sites is not allowed and will result in the removal of your post.

5. Linking policy: Links within the post should be relevant and not promotional. Links to a book, website, etc. are OK if not salesy. The Wisdom Tribe staff reserves the right to remove any links we feel are not relevant/do not comply with our guidelines. You are permitted to link to your website in your bio.  

6. Images: You may submit images you would like included in your post. However, images may not be used based on Wisdom Tribe design and style and we will add any additional images that we feel best serve the post.

7. Formatting: We like posts broken up in digestible format using h3 headings. Some writers may choose to end posts with a question or call to action that encourages comments.

8. Word Count:  Posts should be between 500-800 words, though posts up to 1,100 words may be considered if truly exceptional.

9. Edits: Posts will be edited for grammar. Significant content edits will be sent to you for approval.

10. Submissions: Please submit your post on or before the assigned date to hello@wisdomtribe.global in the form of a word document. Please save your document in the following format FirstName_LastName_PostTitle_Date (ex: John_Doe_WisdomintheDigitalAge_Oct72018.doc). Please include a 1-2 sentence bio and headshot.

11. Publication of Posts: We do not guarantee that your post will be published and will let you know within 2 weeks of submission if your post has been accepted. Once we do publish your post, we will send you a link. It may take up to 8 weeks to publish your post, so please do not contact us unless 8 weeks has passed. Posting on the Wisdom Blog is a volunteer opportunity. Your post will be featured on our blog, and may be featured in our newsletter/social media.

Please connect with us at Wisdom Tribe Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay up to date with our postings!