A question:
Should we aspire to be simple?

Just be sincere and simple
— Rebbe Nachman of Breslov

I think about simplicity a lot. I see it all around me. And I envy it. 
The subtle love exchange shared by an elderly couple into their fifth decade of marriage. 

The carefree abandon of a child creating towers out of magnetic tiles.

A majestic street sweeper wholly content with his lot. 

Simplicity is the quality of living a sincere, uncomplicated existence. It is a good quality, leading to a meaningful and happy life. Simple.

I often think about what it would look like for me to live the simple life.




I often dream about opening up a juice shop with my wife in the Jerusalem shuk. 

Wouldn’t that be the life? Singularly focused on squeezing up that next tasty cup of sweet nectar. Bringing a smile to a stranger's face. And then doing it again. Until 5 PM, at which point I lock up the shop, return home, and spend the rest of my evening immersed in one of my dearest life pursuits– family, learning, music. 

A supple existence.


A supple existence which of course, in no way reflects my present life situation. I’m a dreadful entrepreneur–worse, a social entrepreneur. Its nearly midnight, I’m still at the office, a mere 13 hours into my work. I’m writing this essay in a browser window containing 6 other massive projects/tasks/tools that perpetually occupy my bandwidth. 

It’s late. 

I’ll still be here a few more hours. 

Cue the espresso. 


Entrepreneur Food

Entrepreneur Food

Life’s not simple.

Its complex. And hard.

But what would it take, what would it take to be simple?

Simple is as Simple Does

Smarter than the average bear

Smarter than the average bear

For most of us, life is indeed complex and hard. 

There’s lots of things that need to get done, and even more things that need to get fixed. Then there’s the dreams, ambitions, relationships, money, career, hobbies, and health. 

That’s is all pretty overwhelming, even for a smarter than average bear such as yourself.

How do we be simple?

A Simple Thought Experiment

I want to take you through a brief thought experiment in simplicity. It’s really simple. And it allows you to live with simplicity, without even having to pull the hand-breaks on you busy schedule of tasks.

It goes like this. 

Simplicity is a choice.

And it takes just a few seconds to choose to be simple. Here we go:

  1. Life! Choose and embrace life. Live it. Live out life as you experience it, and love it. To Life, to Life, L’chaim.

  2. Let go. You set out and you do your best–the rest is out of your hands. Nothing is certain except the moment at hand. Accept it with grace.

And that’s it.

Then You Are Simple

Then you are simple.

Really, its not that simple (we all know that)

But really, it is (I’m telling you, just try it)

Good luck, traveller. 

And don’t forget,





Yaakov Lehman


Yaakov Lehman
Chief Executive Integrator of Wisdom Tribe, a social entrepreneur, sought-after international lecturer, and late-night beat-boxer.